when will my penis come back from the war

The deadpool was not wearing a cup!!!???!!!!

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Cecil confirmed for tell truth

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Cocaine toilet fucked

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No, the ocarena is problematic

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Link is problematic

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Who are the three stalkers? How did they get here??? Who knows where they could be lurking

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Mafia Levi and police ERM

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Three malicious stalkers????????

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Aoba cockroaches remember

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Well, now I definitely won’t be cosplaying. I accidentally left my wig at home

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Idk if I’ll be able to cosplay at all at sabo this weekend. :( I’ve had a headache for three weeks and I don’t want to make it worse with wigs

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AND I didn’t get a lunch break. Again.

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My head hurts so bad I’m actually crying

I want to go home so bad

I can barely even stand

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Can we talk about how the VAs for Twelve and Nine release Sphinx-related videos and have these intro scenes?

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